Dental Trauma

It is unfortunate when dental trauma happens and early treatment is always beneficial in returning the teeth back to their original appearance. As a practice, we do specialise in dental trauma.

At Cheadle Dental Centre we provide a specialist service for dental trauma with practitioners who are experienced in dealing with dental trauma and specialists who can manage the long term dental care required following the trauma.

We are open 6 days a week and alternate Sundays. If you have had dental trauma and need to be seen urgently we will give you priority and see you on the same day you ring.

In the long term we can try to return your smile to its original form. This can be by simply using composite restorations (white fillings), bridges or dental implants.

We also provide advice on prevention and if you are a school, sports facility or other institution where dental trauma may occur, we can provide preventative advice in the form of a short talk or lecture. There is no charge for this.

Please note if you have had a major incident then please contact Accident and Emergency. All treatment at Cheadle Dental Centre is on a private basis as we do not have an NHS contract. An initial consultation will cost £95 and £285 if emergency splinting is required.